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Simple Tips for Building a Saltwater Tank

Iodide in Salt Water Aquarium
Salt Water Prawn AquariumSalt Water Pumps for AquariumsBrass Salt Water AquariumCopper Salt Water Aquarium

Salt water aquarium is considered to be the way to show wealth and luxury of the house. The greatest difference between the marine and fresh water fishbowls is adding salt. In contrast to an ordinary cooking salt (sodium chloride) the sea one contains a lot of instant minerals, which are necessary for the marine life. To measure its quantity and absolute weight you should use aerometer. Such kinds of fishbowls can be made of either […]

Best Saltwater Aquarium Fish For Beginners

Marine Aquarium Reef Safe Fish
Marine Saltwater Aquarium FishTropical Marine Aquarium FishColdwater Marine Aquarium FishMarine Ornamental Fishes in Aquarium

Marine aquarium fish are very bright, but need special care. The biggest problem connected with the marine fish aquariums for beginners is the price. Such species are very expensive and need special care. But don’t be upset. There are such representatives of water fauna, which are good to start with. The price for them is acceptable and they pollute water less. And big flesh-eating kinds can be the carrier of parasites and infections, tough they […]

Best Fish Tank Stands

10 Gallon Fish Aquarium Stand
Fish Aquariums and StandsPetsmart Fish Aquarium StandsFish Tank Aquarium Stands55 Gallon Fish Aquarium Stands

Fish aquarium stands are necessary thing if you are going to buy an aquarium. Especially, if the tank consists of a volume of 20 gallons and above. And from that, how well it will be installed, largely depends on the security of both your apartment and neighbors apartment that live below. Buying the reservoir, think that will create a complete picture of the interior of your home. Stylish, beautiful, practical and well-matched in size and color […]

Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants For Beginners (2023 Guide)

Live Water Plants for Aquarium
Aquarium Live Plants vs Fake PlantsFree Live Aquarium PlantsSetting Up an Aquarium with Live PlantsLive Aquarium Plant Bulbs

Today live aquarium plants are becoming more and more popular and it is not without the reason. Of course there are some kinds of them which need constant care and that’s why not everyone has enough time for this. But on the other hand nowadays there are easy in care and not very expensive kinds of flora which are worse choosing too. They have many advantages among which one can name: Create the interior; Play […]

The Best Aquarium Decorations of 2023

Asian Fish Aquarium Decor
Fish Aquarium Decorations IdeasAquarium Decorations for Large FishDecor for Fish Tanks AquariumDecorating Fish Aquarium Ideas

Fish aquarium decorations can be both the most simple and complex. Decorating an aquarium for fish – the creative process is entirely depends on the aesthetic taste of the owner, and each person is particularly proud if unique decorations are made with their own hands. For example, it may be models of ancient buildings of ancient times, or knight’s castles, from a simple slide neatly stacked stones or a bizarre cave with several entrances. Of […]

16 Exotic Freshwater Fish To Keep At Home

Exotic Aquarium Fish Freshwater
Exotic Aquarium Fishes William T InnesExotic Aquarium Fishes InnesExotic Saltwater Fish for AquariumsEncyclopedia of Exotic Tropical Fishes for Freshwater Aquariums

Exotic aquarium fish attract attention with their unusual form and color. Recently, it has been increased an interest in all sorts of unusual novelties of the world’s aquarium. People come to the pet shops in the search of new and unusual bottom-dwellers. Newly, exotic aquarium saltwater fish have become very popular. Exotic saltwater aquarium fish are rare and expensive. There are several different species of bottom-dwellers – some of them are beautiful, others ugly, others […]

18 Small Aquarium Fish Species for Your Freshwater Tank

South American Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Peaceful Freshwater Aquarium FishMost Colorful Freshwater Aquarium FishLarge Freshwater Fish for AquariumTop Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Today there are different kinds of freshwater fish aquarium and you can choose the ones you like most of all. But choosing the inhabitants for the fishbowl it is important to remember one rule: it is not preferred to keep such kinds of water fauna which are completely different in their feeding, growing and general way of life. It is forbidden to keep flesh-eater together with their “food”. For example, sack-gill catfish and danio or […]

100 Gallon Fish Tank: Top 12 Choices On A Budget

Cleaning Aquarium Glass Stains
100 Gallon Glass AquariumsAquarium Stands 100 Gallon100 Gallon Aquarium Sump Size100 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

A 100 gallon aquarium is a real dream of each person, who loves fishes or corals as pets and is willing to grow the marine environment they already have and introduce new species to their collections. However, purchasing one of them is not a good idea for a beginning aquarist who’s just learning to make his way through the aquarium practice and figures out the best ways to take care of different fishes, corals and […]

How to Set up Your First Betta Fish Tank

Aquarium Light Betta Fish
Best Aquarium for Betta FishAquarium Temperature for Betta FishBetta Fish Aquarium Salt Fin RotAquarium Salt for Betta Fish

Betta fish aquarium is one of the easiest to take care of, so it’s a perfect starting tank for those beginners, who don’t have any experience in keeping a this type of pet or who just want to get an aquarium for their kids. Bettas are quite small, so the tank for them doesn’t have to be too big. This species is highly tolerant to extreme living conditions and they gladly interact with people. They’re […]

14 Best Fish For Small Tanks – With Pics

Aquarium Small Fish Types
Small Round Fish AquariumSmall Pink Aquarium FishSmall Blue Aquarium FishSmall Aquarium Heaters Betta Fish

Opting for a small aquarium fish is a perfect decision for those, who are willing to have such pet for the first time or who want to introduce their kids into the idea of taking care of pets and bearing the responsibility for someone’s life. It will also suit those people, who’re not allowed to have bigger pets in their rented apartments or who just love fishes, but can’t afford having a big tank. It’s […]

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