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Tropical Fish and Aquariums

Tropical aquarium fish is a great choice, as those species are probably the most fun to keep in your tank. They’re so colorful and interesting to watch. Their diversity is just amazing. However, they require special conditions and care if compared to other ‘water pets’ you might keep in your tank. And, you have to be careful while picking out the fishes and other marine creatures you may out into one tank safely.

While studying a handbook of tropical aquarium fishes, pay attention to the fact if those or that species may be kept in a freshwater tank (if you have or plant to have one, of course). It’s a lot easier and even cheaper to take care of this kind of tank, but tropical freshwater fish compatibility is quite a serious issue. But you may check out the lists or charts of tropical species that are able to live in such conditions.

Handbook of Tropical Aquarium Fishes

You may even look at the pictures and decide which of them you’d like to have the most right away. They include the cardinal tetra, which is probably the most popular aquarium species, and the most common, yet still charming Betta, which may be even kept alone in a small aquarium. Boesemani rainbow ones and Ryukin Goldfish (red and white one), American Flagfish and Crown Tail Betta will live in freshwater conditions as well. But most tropical species, those neon colored ones, which impress everyone with the diversity of their color, their shapes and behavior are used to living in marine tanks, filled up with salted water with certain pH levels, currents and water circulation.

Setting up an aquarium for tropical fish involves picking out the substrate (shallow sand works the best) to fill up the bottom of the tank.  Then, you’ll need the porous rocks, and quite a lot of them. Specialists suggest that you put a pound of them per each gallon of water. A skimmer, a saltwater mix and refractometer, water heater and filter (the reverse kind), test kits to check the chemicals’ levels, some living plants those species are used to and safe decorations, which won’t harm their delicate bodies are among your necessities as well.

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