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Tropical Fish Small Aquariums

Opting for a small aquarium fish is a perfect decision for those, who are willing to have such pet for the first time or who want to introduce their kids into the idea of taking care of pets and bearing the responsibility for someone’s life. It will also suit those people, who’re not allowed to have bigger pets in their rented apartments or who just love fishes, but can’t afford having a big tank. It’s better to have a little scaly friend (or a couple of them) than to have no colorful pets swimming in a cozy little tank at all, right?

If we’re staying on the affordable side, than you may research which species may live in freshwater, as such tanks are much cheaper to take care of and to clean. You may easily take out your little friend out of the bowl, wash the stones and other decorations or plants, as well as the walls of its ‘room’, fill it with regular tap water, add some conditioner and bring your small home aquarium fish back into its habitat.

Small Freshwater Fish for Aquariums

A small fish aquarium setup is quite simple. You’ll need some little stones or sand to create a ‘bed’ at the bottom of the tank, a couple of decorations and fake plants, a heater (if your pet needs it), the lights and not too powerful filter. This tank may stand on your kitchen counter or even on the child’s dresser or bedside table.

Betta is probably the best small colorful freshwater aquarium fish you may opt for. It’s really funny and interesting to watch. Besides, it interacts with people much more than other small species, it doesn’t feel lonely while staying in a tank without the ‘roommates’ and it lives quite long if proper care and living conditions are ensured. It may live in quite tiny reservoir, as the minimal amount of water it’s able to live in is one gallon. However, a 5 gallon tank will be the best for a nice little Betta. Some other little species are the gold fish (obviously), the black skirt tetra, platies, swordtails, black mollies, etc.

Small Bowl Aquarium Fish

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