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Salt Water Tester Aquarium

Salt water aquarium is considered to be the way to show wealth and luxury of the house. The greatest difference between the marine and fresh water fishbowls is adding salt. In contrast to an ordinary cooking salt (sodium chloride) the sea one contains a lot of instant minerals, which are necessary for the marine life. To measure its quantity and absolute weight you should use aerometer.

Such kinds of fishbowls can be made of either glass or acrylic plastic. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. As for the acrylic plastic it is firm, but can be easily scraped. And the glass is mar-proof, but it is more difficult to keep it clean. The price for the glass is lower than the price for the acrylic plastic.

Salt Water Shells in Freshwater Aquarium

Preparing salt water aquarium you should choose the right equipment. If you use metal equipment the details of it will corrode and make the environment full of harmful substances, which can kill the fishes.

When cleaning the aquarium it is not recommended to use any soap and detergent, because they can be left on the glass. But if you need to use detergent you should thoroughly wash the glass with dechlorinator.

First of all it is necessary to test salt water aquarium to see whether everything works well and fix the defects. It may take even a week, but you should be patient. It is recommended to choose not very expensive and big fishes. You should inhabit the aquarium step by step adding one or two fishes a week and don’t forget about their compatibility. Corals are better to add later.

Tap Water Conditioner Salt Water Aquarium

Of course it is not easy to look after them, but they will make aquarium salt water the center of attention and you will always have a piece of sea in your apartment.

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