Live Aquarium Plants are Key Element of Style

Freshwater Aquarium with Live Plants

Today live aquarium plants are becoming more and more popular and it is not without the reason. Of course there are some kinds of them which need constant care and that’s why not everyone has enough time for this. But on the other hand nowadays there are easy in care and not very expensive kinds of flora which are worse choosing too.

They have many advantages among which one can name:

Sea Life Plants Live Lily Aquarium Bulbs
  • Create the interior;
  • Play an important role in the metabolism. In the process of photosynthesis they absorb carbon dioxide, disengage oxygen and it makes them indispensable in the process of gases interchange of fishbowl;
  • Help in biologic water purification;
  • Contribute to the reproduction of fishes.

When choosing live aquarium plants for beginners it is necessary to pay attention to their colour. They should be brightly green and without any rottenness.

There are different types of water flora. Some of them live on the surface of the water, some – need soil to grow and others are not fastidious as for the place of their living.

You should also remember simple rules how to take care of them. It includes cutting them once a month. Some people recommend to inhabit your fishbowl with snails, because they will help you to get rid of bad tainted leaves.

Live Aquarium Plants for Beginners

But buying live plants for aquarium is not the main problem. You should know how to place them to make your aquarium interesting and unusual. So, big, tall and bushy types are better placed on the background, because being on the foreground they will hide the fishes and the general view. Hornwort and water weed are good to provide the water environment with oxygen. The correlation of the quantity of fish and plants is also very important. In most cases the water flora shouldn’t be more that 1/3 of the general space of a fishbowl.

Colorful live aquarium plants are not easy in care and not cheap, but they will surely delight the eyes of the guests of your house and you will be proud of it.

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