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Peaceful Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Today there are different kinds of freshwater fish aquarium and you can choose the ones you like most of all.

But choosing the inhabitants for the fishbowl it is important to remember one rule: it is not preferred to keep such kinds of water fauna which are completely different in their feeding, growing and general way of life. It is forbidden to keep flesh-eater together with their “food”. For example, sack-gill catfish and danio or guppy. In general, flesh-eating and grass-feeding live freshwater aquarium fish have different organs of the digestive system and to provide them with good feeding will be very difficult.

Pictures of Freshwater Fish for Aquariums

The temperature of water should be taken into account too. For example, goldfish lives at the temperature of 20 degrees above zero and Discus needs the temperature higher than 30 degree above zero. If the one lives in shoal it will be wrong to put it into the fishbowl alone. Small freshwater aquarium fish are more often chosen for the fishbowls than the large ones.

Colorful freshwater fish for aquarium are very interesting and they will always be in the center of attention. They can be yellow, red, blue and green. They can be striped and spotted.

There is one more question that needs attention. How many inhabitants can live in one aquarium? It depends on the several factors:

Most Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fish
  • Territoriality. Some types of water fauna needs much territory and don’t allow others to enter it;
  • Equipment. The biofilters should do their work well and supply the fishbowl with the necessary amount of oxygen;
  • Live pants. They provide the water fauna with oxygen and can also be the food for them;
  • Peculiarities of reproduction. When shedding the eggs some kinds of fish try to protect this territory and don’t allow others to come.

So, in most cases the water fauna shouldn’t be more that 1/3 of the general space of a fishbowl.

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