Fish Aquarium Stands as Important Elements of Interior

50 Gallon Fish Aquarium Stands

Fish aquarium stands are necessary thing if you are going to buy an aquarium. Especially, if the tank consists of a volume of 20 gallons and above. And from that, how well it will be installed, largely depends on the security of both your apartment and neighbors apartment that live below. Buying the reservoir, think that will create a complete picture of the interior of your home. Stylish, beautiful, practical and well-matched in size and color aquarium stand will serve as decoration for your tank.

Diy fish aquarium stands remember that the material plays the main role. It must be waterproof (especially for worktops), used for a long time and withstand severe loads.

Building a Fish Aquarium Stand

To build a fish aquarium stand is not a difficult task for an experienced worker. Before building a fish aquarium stand: select a place where there will be the reservoir with pedestal, schematically draw on the sheet and apply all sizes. To saw the chipboard is better to left to professionals, the work with a fretsaw is not very accurate. There are special machines for cutting these materials. Pick quality fittings, according to the number of doors and shelves.

The upper top of the table must be made of plywood or (preferably waterproof) or solid wood. Solid wood is the most expensive type of material. Cabinets or metal stands used for heavy capacious tanks per ton or more. Welded structure of metal profiles is sheathed with a variety of plastics, less MDF or chipboard. Plastic is more democratic, easy processing: to bend or to cut. Also the material is available for the price.

The metal frame is covered with a special paint is required to prevent the formation and to spread of rust. A variety of colors and textures of plastic allows the cabinet to fit to any interior.

Aquarium Fish Tank with Stand

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