Everybody Happy with Exotic Aquarium Fish

Exotic Aquarium Fishes Book

Exotic aquarium fish attract attention with their unusual form and color.

Recently, it has been increased an interest in all sorts of unusual novelties of the world’s aquarium. People come to the pet shops in the search of new and unusual bottom-dwellers. Newly, exotic aquarium saltwater fish have become very popular.

Exotic Aquarium Fishes Book

Exotic saltwater aquarium fish are rare and expensive. There are several different species of bottom-dwellers – some of them are beautiful, others ugly, others majestic, funny or strange.

This bottom-dweller gets its name from the resemblance of its beak to the bird. Its powerful beak that use to crush the coral in search of small invertebrates, it is a feed for the parrotfish. Most of the sand near the coral reef – it is the result of the search of food.

Rare, expensive and obscenely beautiful bottom-dweller, but be prepared: it can spoil all your corals. Triggerfish live in captivity under good conditions for a long time. This is fairly aggressive bottom-dweller and in one tank (not less than 400 liters) it is better to contain one with other large species. Triggerfish eat meat of mussels, crabs and shrimps.

Encyclopaedia of Exotic Tropical Fishes for Freshwater Aquariums

Exotic marine aquarium fish Flame Angel affects its color, the most causing of all bottom-dwellers. They are quite moody and demanding to the quality of water, but live well with peaceful views of coral bottom-dwellers.

Spikes of the lion fish are poisonous and prick them very painful. To watch for this bright representative is extremely curious. Therefore, holders of such bottom-dweller should be extremely careful when cleaning the aquarium, lion fish swims not very fast and does not attack itself. Unpretentious in the content and get along well with the large, but not very aggressive species.

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