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Aquarium Fish Cool Water

Many groups, which require different treatment conditions, pertain to cool aquarium fish. All these species have a common feature that they are unpretentious to the temperature of the water in the tank and can not be contained in a heated tank with water at room temperature. The water temperature in these tanks can range from 14 to 25 degrees.

Cool saltwater fish for aquarium especially the tropical ones need a special marine aquarium of large volume and it requires more care and skill to create the desired water parameters. In reef dwellings will feel good coral reefs endemic fish.

Freshwater Aquarium Cool Fish

In order to choose the right neighborhood for tropical species, you need to find out the compatibility of water parameters and in particular of its temperature. Cool aquarium fish species should not be kept with tropical ones. These include goldfish, telescopes, Rota. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of neighboring fish and their character.

The vast majority of species of cool water aquarium fish without compromising themselves can live both in low and high temperatures. Therefore, these species are very popular among novice enthusiasts. This group includes makropody, varieties of goldfish, loach, mosquito fish and kallahita. All the above mentioned with a sufficiently large tank, as well as the abundance of plants therein, do not require any special care.

Acquaintance with aquarium inhabitants is better to start with the most unpretentious. However, the “simplicity” does not mean that they will happily live in a pot with tap water. Even for the most undemanding ones aquarium needs to be equipped according to the rules. In this case, plants stones should be selected according to the preferences of their inhabitants. Moreover, they are necessary to make the place beautiful and more natural to the sea.

Cool Home Aquarium Fish

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