30 Gallon Long Aquarium Creative Idea

30 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Dimensions

30 gallon long aquarium is perfect for 4-5 inch fish and is the best addition to your home decoration. While fishes are popular around the world, the dwelling for this kind of marine animals has been also evolving in its shapes, materials and other related staff. In fact, now you can find the design and size to any taste. However, you have to be absolutely sure you know what you want exactly as well as pay attention to the size of your apartment to see how much free place you have in there. As for design, one of the most spread aquariums now is a 30 gallon glass aquarium – the simplest version, which can be found anywhere in stores and is also usually not so expensive, though it is not so cheap when it comes to designer tricks.

After you decided the size, shape and everything you want, find out what fish you like and try to match them with the size. This step is recommended from aesthetic point of view – 4-5 inches are perfect for your idea to look full and live. In this case, 30 gallon aquarium fish suggestions will be Danio malabaricus, Chinese Three-Keeled Pond Turtle, Molly sphenops, Trichogaster and Corydoras. All previously mentioned fishes have its own living conditions, so you must carefully choose in order not to regret your choice. Once you have done all that, remember that the aquarium needs a filter so that your wards will have always clear water and you will be able to see them. Actually, aquarium filter is a necessary expense as long as you are really interested in having your fishes alive.

Aquarium Stands 30 Gallon

Having an aquarium 30 gallon long is actually quite a challenge. It requires plenty of attention and readiness in order to deal with it. On the other hand, it is really cute and fresh if you have one.

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